Vegan Cheese: Cashewbert

This is a Camembert style cheese, I made from cashews, water and penicillium candidum and a vegan enzyme. I ordered the Vegan Cheese Starter Kit weeks ago from Cashewbert. And now the first two cashewberts are ready, and they taste great (not like cashews whatsoever).

There is a cashewbert cheese making group on Facebook. Often people ask opinions weather a type of mould on their cheese is good or bad. Sometimes I forget I am following this group and am a little shocked to see pictures of bad mould cheeses in my feed pass by.

The process was rather straightforward. It is well documented on the Cashewbert website. But a bit timeconsuming. The tools you work with have to be very clean. For a couple of weeks, the cheese is wrapped in ripening paper. Every once in a while you have to open it and wipe away excessive moisture. But the result is worth it.


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