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Role: UX/UI design, prototyping, webdesign and implementation html/css

The project won an Archive Achievement Award in October 2019, presented by FIAT/IFTA, within the ‘Excellence in Media Preservation’ category.

Audience: heritage organisations and the general public

About the design:

The website was crafted in accordance with the brand guidelines of meemoo. It offers information in a cheerful style, inviting users to explore while maintaining a professional corporate image.

Behind the scenes:

The website has a lot of information, so we needed to make a tool that helps people to reach their goal as quickly as possible. To achieve this, we segmented decisions into easily digestible, step-by-step processes, facilitating users in swiftly attaining their objectives.

The wireframes and prototype were created using Figma. Zingtree was integrated for the decision tree functionality within the WordPress website.

However, we encountered an issue where the site’s content was not being indexed by search engines, despite containing a wealth of valuable information. To address this, I recommended migrating a significant portion of the content from Zingtree to WordPress to enhance the website’s search engine ranking.

Client: Meemoo

About the project: is an online resource designed to help individuals and organisations identify and preserve the heritage value of their audiovisual and photographic collections. By offering a decision tree for identification and information on preservation techniques, the website simplifies the process of identifying, preserving and digitizing these historical artifacts. It empowers users to safeguard their visual memories for future generations.

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