Role: In my capacity as Online Communication Manager, I played a key role in overseeing the rebranding process, conducting UX research, and managing the project for both website development and marketing collateral creation.*

Client: iMinds (now part of imec)

Audience: researchers, start-ups, businesses, government, broad public

Behind the scenes:

After conducting a survey on the existing website, facilitating workshops and analysing website statistics, a key insight emerged: users found it challenging to discern what iMinds had to offer them, particularly due to their diverse backgrounds and expectations.

Given the diverse range of stakeholders within the organization, we devised different entry points tailored to appeal to each distinct group.

  • User-centric navigation based on individual user profiles
  • Navigation structure reflecting iMinds’ involvement in various markets
  • Faceted search functionality
  • Guided wizard with intuitive steps to facilitate information retrieval

Branding Strategy:
A branding workshop was organised to clarify the organization’s mission.
Since iMinds was all about knowledge, we agreed to highlight the people involved. Throughout the website, we backed up our story with real-life examples of people and their projects.

We built the branding upon an existing foundation, leveraging the organization’s established recognition. While maintaining certain elements such as the primary color, we refreshed others like the name and fonts to enhance the overall identity.

About the project:

iMinds was Flanders’ digital research center and business incubator, established by the Flemish government. Building on the strength of 900+ top researchers located at 5 Flemish universities, iMinds introduced digital innovation in 5 key markets (ICT, Media, Health, Smart Cities and Manufacturing).

* Works by Nils Blanckaert, The Reference

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